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Data Security and Privacy in

In order for users to be easily recognized and data security to be quickly acknowledged, so-called "cookies" are sent to web browsers of almost all web sites of users and these cookies stored in the client computers are updated periodically to achieve optimal system performance. In addition, the Receiver's IP address will be used to troubleshoot problems on the server of the website and to manage the website. The IP address will be used to identify the Buyer and shopping cart and to collect open demographic information.

Data security

All sensitive and personal information compiled from users is stored in the highest electronic and physical safety standards and is only used within the framework of existing Turkish Laws and international legislation, with a system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel and, under mandatory circumstances, with user approval.

EFSANE SHOP undertakes and guarantees to not disclose, disclose or share information with third parties under any name, for any reason and without any liability, without any user's consent, without compromising personal and sensitive information compiled from users.

Your mobile phone and e-mail addresses that you share with us at the time of membership will only be used to provide you with information about your orders you have given quickly and securely.

It provides safe shopping with SSL certificate.

Data Sharing

EFSANE SHOP reserves the right to analyze and comment on the general user profile and information out of the personal information mentioned above and to share it with distinguished business partners in order to make the services offered more efficient and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

In addition, if the users give consent, this information can be used by EFSANE SHOP and its business partners for product updates, discount announcements and special offers.

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